Yocto Project

  28 hours

The Yocto Project - An Overview - hands-on

  28 hours

I liked the hands-on exercise on cloud machine.

Thales Transport & Security (HK) Ltd. [The Yocto Project - An Overview - hands-on]

I really enjoy having a virtual PC online, I can do exercises whenever I want

Dongfu Li - Northforge Innovations Inc [Yocto Project]

Trainer's Subject Knowledge

- Northforge Innovations Inc [Yocto Project]

High professionalism

Oleg Polyakov - Northforge Innovations Inc [Yocto Project]

learnt some development tools and debug tools which can be used in my work.

- Northforge Innovations Inc [Yocto Project]

The deep knowledge of the trainer Robert about the topics (Yocto Project, embedded systems, etc.). He's able to answer virtually any quastion you ask him about these topics and he has a really deep background.

- ZITRO LABORATORY [Yocto Project]

I generally was benefit from the practical exercises.

Ismael Martinez - ESML SD IBERIA HOLDING S.A. [Yocto Project]

Hectronic Polska Sp. z o.o. []

Hectronic Polska Sp. z o.o. []

Przemysław Ujma - Hectronic Polska Sp. z o.o. [Yocto Project]

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