CHFI - Certified Digital Forensics Examiner

  35 hours

Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures

  35 hours

PKI: Implement and Manage

  21 hours

Security Analyst

  35 hours

WEBAP - Web Application Security

  28 hours

Node.JS and Web Application Security

  21 hours

Embedded Systems Security

  21 hours

Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST)

  14 hours

Apache Shiro: Securing Your Java Application

  7 hours

Securing Windows Using PowerShell Automation

  42 hours

The trainer always ensured me fully understand what he had taught and do not hesitate to repeat again if I am still not clear about it. He is committed to preparing more samples to show me to answer the extra questions from me.

Kenny, Jiun Ming Wee [PKI: Implement and Manage]

Very knowledgeable and approachable trainer.

- Trainocate (S) Pte. Ltd. [PKI: Implement and Manage]

I enjoyed the practical exercises. Hands-on is the best way to learn.

- W L Gore & Associates (UK) Ltd [PKI: Implement and Manage]

Also provided a lot of curiously related interesting in some way with the subject

- EduBroker Sp. z o.o. [Embedded Systems Security]

Security models, discussion of good programming practices, various types of attacks.

Piotr Piątek - EduBroker Sp. z o.o. [Embedded Systems Security]

TRW Polska sp. z o.o. []

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