Course Outline


IBM Qradar SIEM Overview

  • What is IBM Qradar SIEM?
  • IBM Qradar SIEM features

Preparing the IBM Qradar SIEM

  • Installing and configuring IBM Qradar SIEM

Security Information and Event Management

  • Working with IBM Qradar SIEM processes
  • Using IBM Qradar SIEM offense engine
  • Managing users and data
  • Managing false positives
  • Working with data retention

Vulnerability Manager

  • Working with IBM Qradar QVM processes

Risk Manager

  • Working with IBM Qradar QRM configurations

Incident Forensics

  • Working with IBM Qradar QRIF and IBM Qradar QRMIF


Summary and Conclusion


  • An understanding of IT security


  • Security Engineers
 14 Hours